Healthy and balanced thanks to the acid-base balance: The true diet they never have told you about (English Edition)

We are not sick and yet not healthy.

Chronically tired, colds over and over again, weak and listless.
Who would have guessed that a gradual acidification could be behind these symptoms? Caused by poor diet and wrong lifestyle.
Instead of taking these first warning signs seriously, we live our lives as usual – rushing from one appointment to the next, everyday stress eats us up literally – and out of frustration and apparent lack of time we stuff ourselves merrily with fast food and sweets.
This inevitably leads to a fatal vicious circle, at the end of which stand common diseases such as heartburn, arthritis and depression.

Dr. Angela Fetzner, a pharmacist who has been confronted for many years in daily practice with this problem, shows you how to break out of this vicious circle with the help of a healthy diet and lifestyle. In heeding the practical and simple advice in this book you will regain and maintain in an astonishingly short time health, balance and well-being.

Die Autorin berät und informiert als promovierte Apothekerin seit zwei Jahrzehnten zahlreiche Kunden. Als unabhängige Autorin und Apothekerin fühlt sich die Verfasserin dieses Buchs nur der Gesundheit und dem Wohl der Menschen verpflichtet.

Leseprobe – Preview:

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